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Super One Direction fan♥
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Who love Liam - write me♥;
Who love Niall - write me♥;
Who love Harry - write me♥;
Who love Louis - write me♥;
Who love Zayn - write me♥;
Zayn and Perrie the best couple♥;


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*music here*


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updates here, love!
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So we can be loved♥.

Mishelle.16 years old.England♥.Love Football,Pink Color,Pastel things,Fashion. I am emo style.Im little blondie with sweet dreams.I love to be inlove in 1000 footballers and to love sweet actors and bands. I adore british boys and footballers♥. Everything what you want,you can write in my inbox.xoxo Elly.♥ i do not own anything here unless stated/watermarked. if you saw a photo that is yours, please do tell me for a proper credit! thank you so much for your understanding!~


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